Trashy and snotty bitch…

photosexybitch always has “the list” going full throttle.  It looks like chicken scratch on a ragged piece of paper that floats around in the deep dark hole I call my purse.   It’s on going. I add to that same piece of paper as though it will help me remember everything I need to pick up, almost daily. Finish a room, create a new space, pretty up a bathroom, a bedroom, an office.. you know the drill.  Something special, a little game change to make things appear shiny and new.   When I find something, I take such pleasure in crossing it off the list. It can take months crossing items off one by one,  but the sense of accomplishment  this bitch gets is worth it!

Hence, trashy and snotty bitch is always trying to find great trash cans and tissue box covers.I feared they didn’t exist, I mean sure Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and World Market have them but I wanted trashy, snotty AND tasteful.

I walked into my fave place Brentwood General Store in Santa Monica and the shelf was filled with them.  All color choices and trims.. BUT, the best part is you can put your initials on them. Oh yes bitches, there is nothing better than displaying your namesake in a tasteful way. The best gift for your  sexybitches or sexymanbitch. Trash cans are $85.  It takes 3  weeks from the time you order, so cross something off  your list and take pleasure in these beautiful bins.  Then make snotty bitch happy and add a tissue box cover  in any color.

I went with pink, just saying…


Brentwood General Store
1413 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, Ca. 310-394-9225


  1. Obsessed! Going to buy these. As usual, thanks for the post.

  2. They are the best!!! Great colors and font styles. Order soon for the Holidays Phone # correction for Brentwood General Store 310-394-9225

  3. leigh shapiro says:

    cute blog

  4. LOVE…. want one

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