sexybitch loves eye candy…

email-card copysexybitch designer, Tracee Nichols, has created the perfect piece of eye candy. Based on her love of jewelry, and her own collection of vintage pieces, she has created “The Roman”.  This signature  piece is mouthwatering.  I could hardly wait to order  it. Being the sexybitch that I am, I demanded over night shipping for instant gratification.

Tracee is an artist in her own right and her designs are sexy,chic and beautiful. Every sexybitch needs to own a piece of this jewelry.  i have two, just saying!  ha!

Tracee’s jewelry is hand crafted with gold, silver,and rose gold and set with diamonds,emeralds, or rubies. The roman coin in rose gold on a silver chain bracelet is certainly reminiscent of days long ago… it’s timeless and classic.

Do yourself a favor,  and get one of these beauties. You can choose from many different designs and price points. It will be your forever friend.

xo sb



  1. leigh shapiro says:

    very cool…..

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